Success Stories

Alaska Growth Capital (AGC) provided investment banking services to GCI, the largest telecommunications company in Alaska during their 2008 acquisition of a $40 million network asset.


AGC provided advisory services when one of the largest telecommunications companies in Alaska sought out a piece of network infrastructure. AGC provided the research, analysis and relationship-building necessary for a successful and timely acquisition.

The difficulty in this transaction rested in finding common ground for a fair price so that neither the seller nor buyer felt the transaction “cheated” them. Both the seller and acquirer were so impressed with AGC’s services they have both retained AGC for other business needs. AGC allowed each organization to complete a successful transaction and focus on smooth transitions rather than contentious negotiations.

Non-profit research

AGC recovered more than $40,000 for a scientific research organization’s grants that had been revoked. Not-for-profit organizations often choose to deliver services rather than focus on organizational development, which can cause problems later on in grant reporting and planning. AGC provided research, analysis and writing that allowed our client to become current with their reporting requirements.

As a sign of faith based on AGC’s involvement, the funding organization reinstated grants previously revoked. AGC’s role allowed the organization to focus on the future, rather than worrying about past deficiencies.

Alaska Native organization

AGC provided strategic planning services to an Alaska Native private not-for-profit organization. With a stable funding source, this organization was looking for a way to improve their operations, become more efficient, and plan for their desired niche 5 years in the future. What was particularly challenging was the very high proportion of time and resources spent on day to day operations which took away time from planning for growth.

AGC’s services allowed the staff to see the need for re-prioritization and allowed external partners to understand the immense demand on their time. AGC allowed this organization to plan for its future without being bogged down in its daily operations.