Strategic Planning

Alaska Growth Capital (AGC) ensures your Board and staff make the most of the strategic planning process. We facilitate structured sessions that begin with an analysis of your current situation. Next, we help you define your goals for the future and to map out plans to achieve those goals.

Following the Strategic Planning session, AGC can help you write your strategic plan so that your business has a guiding document for operations. AGC can help to implement your strategic plan with business plan development, feasibility studies, or investment banking.

Why do I need strategic planning?

Plans are the road map for your organization. Just as you look at the map for travel to a new physical location, you need a guiding document to reach a desired organizational state. Perhaps you need to grow, or change industries, or simply maintain your current progress—each of these situations are aided by plans. Dwight D. Eisenhower planned and executed the largest logistical challenge of our time: liberating Europe from across the English Channel. He said “planning is everything.”

Planning is not just picking one direction and rushing headlong. Important strategic planning sessions include variance analysis, the “What ifs” of your business:

  • “What if we have to change direction because of the market?”
  • “What if we can’t reach our desired sales figures?”
  • “What if we have greater success than we thought?”

Asking these questions before you are faced with the answer is almost always better than thinking back about them after they have happened.

If you and your management team can answer three basic questions, you probably don’t need a plan.

  1. How are we doing now?
  2. Where do we want to go in the future?
  3. How will we get there?

If you can’t answer these, you need a strategic plan, a business plan or both.

When should I start the strategic planning process?

The best time to start planning is before something changes. Before you redeploy staff or before the market alters your business is the best time because you can have a greater say in how your business will change. Of course, not every company has that luxury. The main ingredient in good planning is to start as early as possible.

How long does this process take?

Every client and every project is different, so this is not an easy question to answer. However, it is common for strategic planning sessions to require 2 weeks for client interviews, data gathering and preparation for the actual planning session. Business plan development is dependent on the complexity of the plan but usually requires 7-10 days for a working draft of a simple plan. More complex engagements such as Mergers & Acquisitions are dictated by size, regulatory hurdles and other factors. AGC works to keep the timelines as crisp as possible because we know time is important to our clients.