Apply For A Loan

Alaska Growth Capital (AGC) understands our clients’ desire for rapid responses to their inquiries about lending solutions. Because of our commitment to customer service, we are able to provide answers and access to funds quickly.

Our Process

We’re likely to be one of the most eager and helpful financial sources you will encounter. We encourage you to apply by calling or e-mailing us or by downloading the loan application forms on our website. We are happy to speak with you before you submit a loan application.

Your application provides the essential information needed to initiate the screening process so that we can match your needs with a possible lending solution. In making lending decisions, we focus on:

  • Reliable financial information (including tax returns, and financial statements when applicable)
  • Dedicated, experienced management
  • Proven past performance
  • Current economic viability of the business
  • Market size and share
  • For a new business, the potential for strong success
  • Competitive advantages such as proprietary technology, technical superiority, or unique products, services, or skills

PLP Advantage

AGC has earned the status of Preferred Lending Partner (PLP) from the SBA. The PLP status allows AGC the authority to approve an SBA guarantee in-house without having to work with outside SBA sources for loan approval on all conforming SBA guaranteed loans. With this qualification, it allows AGC to be more flexible and time responsive to meet the borrowers need, fulfilling their financial obligations.

Keeping You Informed

Once you submit the application and we can verify your financial situation, AGC will contact you regularly to obtain enough information so we can make an informed choice on your loan request. When we have gathered enough information for a decision, your loan officer will call you with the answer personally. That means if you are not approved, your loan officer will talk with you about it, rather than just sending a letter or email.

Download loan application forms →