Distinctions, Affiliations & Classifications



  • AGC has received the SBA’s Community Lender of the Year award for the past four years (2010-2014).

Affiliations & Classifications

BIDCO: Business and Industrial Development Corporation

BIDCOs are authorized specifically by state statute to provide loans to, and in some cases equity investments into businesses.

CDFI: Community Development Financial Institution

CDFIs are specialty financial institutions that work in markets or industries that the traditional banking sector does not provide enough support for. This certification is conferred by the CDFI Fund, an agency of the US Treasury.

CDE: Community Development Entity

CDEs have a primary mission to serve low-income communities with loans, investments, financial counseling or other services with the aim of economic development. CDEs are certified by the CDFI Fund and may participate in the New Markets Tax Credit program. AGC is a CDE.

SBA PLP: The Small Business Association Preferred Lenders Program

A Preferred Lender has demonstrated to SBA proficiency in processing and servicing SBA loan programs. A PLP generally is able to process loans faster and has a greater degree of decision-making. AGC is an SBA Preferred Lender.