How To Get Started

Our Process

New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) are often used for large projects, like construction or acquisition, because of their complexity. So that Alaska Growth Capital (AGC) can consider whether to utilize our own NMTCs, or seek out additional partner Community Development Entities (CDEs), we need to know:

  1. The expected cost of your project
  2. Current funding sources
  3. Timeline for completion
  4. What the project will do for the surrounding community (such as job creation, services to low income persons, economic multipliers, and similar community impacts)

Once we have this information, AGC will begin modeling the financial impact of the NMTC. Not every project is the right fit for NMTC, but if your project is a good fit we then build a solicitation document to attract partners, and then retain counsel to begin working toward a successful closing of the transaction.

Next Steps

New Markets Tax Credits are incredibly complex. If you are thinking about NMTC and what they may be able to do for your project, please contact us. Our NMTC team is responsive, so your NMTC questions are handled individually.

AGC has completed close to $170 million in NMTC projects, so rest assured that our staff has the expertise to bring your project to fruition.