Programs & Services

Arctic National Broadband Network

Alaska Growth Capital has been working in cooperation with the North Slope Borough and ASRC to bring high speed terrestrial broadband internet to the North Slope. The Alaska State Legislature provided initial funding for a plan to build a network initially connecting Nuiqsut and Barrow to the existing terminus of high speed broadband at Deadhorse.


North Slope Marketplace

North Slope MarketplaceThe North Slope Marketplace is an innovative business idea competition for ASRC shareholders in one of the eight villages of the North Slope. The North Slope Marketplace provides cash for new businesses or businesses looking to expand.

The emphasis is on providing services in demand by local people, probability for long-term business sustainability, and the potential for job creation in-region.


Alaska Growth Capital (AGC) offers workshops in villages from time to time. We recognize that sometimes it is difficult for residents of small villages to travel outside to learn about business topics such as financing, credit scores, business plan writing, accounting, and other topics.

Over the last three years, AGC has visited five villages and held more than a dozen workshops. AGC is planning workshops as time goes on, and will work with ASRC Village Representatives to schedule them and get the word out.

Village Services

AGC provides certain services free of charge to ASRC shareholders and village residents. Business planning, research and other tasks allow AGC to connect directly with ASRC shareholders in the North Slope villages and assist them on an individual level.

Contact us if you need help with your business, or if you have any questions about business.